Emergency Tree Service

It is best to maintain the health and safety of your landscape tree before a storm hits. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of prevention and reap its consequences. 

Glass City Tree Service is here to offer professional emergency service when you need it the most. Our passionate employees will eliminate any storm-damaged trees and restore the beauty of your landscape as fast as we can. With over a decade of extensive experience in tree service, we are confident that we can bring you the results you want at a price you can afford. No matter the size and condition of the tree to be dealt with, we will expertly handle it and guarantee satisfaction. 

Emergency services should be accessible to all property owners anytime; that is why we made sure to be available 24/7 for your urgent needs. We will skillfully remove downed trees and other debris and prevent further damage. Our friendly staff go beyond what is expected of them and communicate with insurance companies and other third-party companies to help restore other utility services in your place. 

Safety is Our Priority

We continuously improve our knowledge in safety techniques and guidelines, including proper cabling and bracing, electrical hazards, and correct use of chainsaws. We are proud to be affiliated with TCIA, which assures you that we have the latest know-how in the tree care industry. There can be hundreds of tree companies in the local area, but not all make time and effort to undergo training and just settle with what they already know. At Glass City Tree Service, we aim for excellence, and that means persistently pursuing unparalleled service. 

We Help You with Your Insurance Company for a Hassle-Free Transaction 

We know a lot of insurance providers and have worked with several claims adjusters. We understand the process, and we can help you go through it, so you can focus on other important matters. It can be a nightmare to deal with the effects of a storm, but our team of professionals will make it seamless for you. Choose a company that will not only help you clean your yard but also make your life easier. 

Emergency Prevention

The good news is, a lot of tree-related emergencies can be prevented with proper tree care. Save yourself from the stress and extra expenses brought by a tree emergency by making sure your trees get the right care they need. Call us now and have one of our certified arborists come to your property and assess your trees. It can be challenging to identify problematic trees for an inexperienced homeowner, but our qualified tree specialists can quickly spot potential issues. 

We always offer free and no-obligation estimates. Please feel free to ask questions, and our staff will provide straightforward answers. In most cases, a good tree trimming is all your tree needs to survive an intense storm, and that is what we will give it. Allow us to help your tree weather any upcoming storms with our skills in tree maintenance. Our efficient emergency response is often the first step in the restoration of your home. We are happy to pave the way for other responders, so they can perform their jobs with ease.

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