Stump Grinding & Removal

Glass City Tree Service offers professional stump grinding and full tree stump removal in Toledo, OH, and its surrounding areas. 

There are two equally effective ways to get rid of an unsightly stump. Each technique comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Allow our expert arborists to guide you as to which approach is ideal for your situation. We will assess the nature of the stump and the area around it, so we can come up with the best plan to effectively eliminate it. 

Contact us today and have one of our friendly staff offer you the right solution for your stump removal dilemma. We can help you determine the best course of action and offer a free and honest estimate for the service you wish to purchase. 

Problems with Tree Stumps

What some homeowners don’t realize is that keeping a stump is more troublesome than removing it. For one, stumps decompose over time, and as it undergoes the process, it becomes even more, a nuisance and an eyesore. It attracts pests and insects that can be detrimental to other living trees on the site. Some of these pests can even invade the safety of your home and cause you even more headaches. Fungi find rotting stumps a good breeding place and begin growing on its base. This may cause not only an unattractive sight but harm to your family and kids playing around the area. 

Bear in mind that stumps are more than just an unsightly element in your yard. But they can be a potential harm to you and your family. Thus, they need to be eliminated sooner than later. 

What Is Stump Grinding?

Removing a stump through the grinding process is the more popular option for many property owners following tree removal. Compared to full stump removal, this approach is more efficient and less costly. 

This technique requires the use of heavy equipment such as a stump grinder to process the stump into small wood chips. The rotating blades will be placed on top of the stump and work its way until the stump is below the ground. 

However, unlike full stump removal, the root structure is left in the ground. But this is not entirely a point of concern because the likelihood of the roots coming back to life is slim. We use techniques that will ensure there will be no chance for the tree to regrow. 

In general, stump grinding is not only a cost-effective way to eliminate a stump but also efficient and fast. Once we are done with the task, you will hardly notice any trace of the old stump in your yard. 

Full Stump Removals

In most cases, commercial and development property owners choose full stump removal over stump grinding. In this approach, the stump must be dug out of the ground, along with the root ball. It can be demanding and time-consuming, which is why more people need to work on the task. Due to the time and effort stump removals require, you can expect the cost of the project to be significantly higher than stump grinding. 

Regardless of your chosen method, you can depend on Glass City Tree Service to provide proficient and effective solutions to your tree stump problem. With more than ten years of professional experience and modern equipment, we can guarantee the success of the project.

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