Tree Trimming & Pruning

At Glass City Tree Service, we work with certified arborists that can handle different tree species rampant in our area. We know that correct trimming is essential to the appearance and overall health of trees, which is why we put our best foot forward each time we perform trimming and pruning jobs. Some trees require more planning and attention because they can be more susceptible to diseases. Our skilled arborists know the right cuts, and when to make them, so you can guarantee nothing but a healthy and attractive tree at the end of our service. 

Dead Branch Removal

Trees or certain parts of them die because of a wide variety of reasons. This includes diseases, natural disasters, and old age. In most cases, a tree can be restored with good trimming. Professional trimming entails strategic cuts to dead and weak branches with the objective of improving a tree’s wellness. 

Like tree removal, trimming requires precision and skills because the life of the tree depends on it. Our arborists will eliminate dead branches, even the ones located in hard to access area. We have bucket trucks at our disposal and cutting tools that allow us to finish a task, no matter how complicated it may be. We can guarantee that all of our staff members are qualified and skilled to perform tree work. You can have peace of mind that the best arborists are working on restoring the health of your trees. 

Fruit Tree Pruning 

Pruning goes beyond keeping your trees safe and healthy. It also encourages better fruit production. By getting rid of unnecessary branches, nutrients can go directly to the fruits in the upper branches. 

Our professional arborists know which branches need to stay and go so your fruit-bearing trees can yield more in the harvest season. For most trees, it is best to prune in the winter when the trees are in a dormant state. Get in touch with our specialists, and we will help your tree produce its best fruits yet. 

Why Choose Us?

We always put you first. We believe that we are a cut above the rest because of our commitment to excellent customer service since our founding. We are honest with every transaction, and you can expect us to tell you what your tree needs to thrive. If we see that the tree is no longer serving its purpose, we can eliminate it safely. However, saving a tree is our goal, so we will do everything we can before we resort to removing it. 

Our company has a large repeat customer base not only because of the superior quality of our work but also because of our integrity and respect shown every time we deal with our clients. We will not offer a service that will not be beneficial to you and your tree. When we offer a quote, you can expect that it is based on different factors we assessed from your tree. 

Our arborists are proficient in trimming and pruning and can produce unmatched results. We love trees and are passionate about keeping them in top shape. That is why you can rest easy that we will exert every effort to ensure the task’s success. We have an eye for trimming that has been sharpened for many years, so you can rely on us for professional tree trimming service. 

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